PANTUM Forays in to Indian Market

Friday, 19 October 2012

With a distinct focus on SOHO and SMB segments, printer manufacturer PANTUM has marked its entry to the India market. Part of the Chinese group Seine Technology Co. Ltd., PANTUM offers reliable, affordable and environmental friendly printing solutions and services.  The company will be focusing sharply on the northern market in the initial phase of its entry – including Lucknow, Patna, Ranchi and Punjab, with a parallel focus on the Eastern market.

When ITVAR News approached Jackson Wang, President, PANTUM International and enquired with him that why he specifically chose India, he said, “India is a big market and for printer market it is in top 5 markets especially laser printers. On being asked about the distribution tie-up, he informed that as a strategy partner, they have opted for Rashi Peripherals”. 

“Our success in international markets in a short time gives us a lot of confidence for the India market and North is one of the key markets for us. Our strength in product innovation and R&D provides us the edge to succeed in highly competitive markets. I am proud to announce that we have fully mastered the core technologies of laser printer R&D as well as manufacturing, and have become an international laser printers brand that covers a dozen models of mono laser printers and MFPs”, he added.

We also approached Alex Li, Vice President, PANTUM International and enquired with him about the product positioning, wherein he informed that as far as the product positioning is concerned, the products launched by the Company are robust, affordable, eco- friendly and reliable. We further asked about the core focus segment and we were informed by him that SOHO and SMBs are the core focus segment of the Company.

PANTUM Forays in to Indian Market

Rajesh Goenka, Vice President, Rashi Peripherals was also present at the launch event. We approached him and asked about this partnership. Regarding this, he said, “Though we have a very strong product portfolio, but a product that was critically missing from our portfolio was printer and now with this partnership with PANTUM, we have added that product to our portfolio as well”.

“We will be very selective in choosing the partners for this new range of printers and we will be working very hard to make PANTUM achieve their aim of being among the top five printer brands in the country by 2015”, he added.

PANTUM has aggressive growth plans for India and aims to be among the top five printer brands in the country by 2015. PANTUM will cover 64 top cities in India by the end of this year and expects to cover over 100 cities by the end of 2013. The company plans to extensively use the IT channel to penetrate the market, beginning with 25 channel partners and about 1000 resellers. In keeping with the aggressive growth plans, the company expects to double these numbers in the next one year.

PANTUM has a refreshing approach to business with strong ties and commitment to product quality as well as affordable printer cartridges. The products are built to last 4-times longer than comparable printers, with fewer paper jams and much lower cost-per-page. The company’s pricing strategy is in-line with comparable printers; however with long-lasting printers, PANTUM products will offer cheaper costs per page over time than other printers. In fact, the company ranked fourth on a recent FORBES list of the 100 fastest growing companies in China.