K7 Computing Catches BIG FISH

Friday, 5 October 2012

K7 Computing, a leading player in information security solutions, recently floated an exciting scheme for its channel partners-a value based billing offer titled Big Fish 2012. The scheme was specially targeted at reaching the large resellers, through whom major chunk of market share 'can be gained, and also to reward partners who have been patronizing and promoting K7 security products. The gifts ranged from Samsung 1.5 ton split AC to Hyundai Eon Car. Over 100 large resellers qualified for the gifts. K7 Computing distributed the prizes during partner meetings organized in Kolkata, Guwahati and Siliguri.

Prizes for the eligible partners included 3 Eon cars,8 Baja; Pulsars, 2 CD Dawn keys, among others, and were presented to the eligible partners by Mr. Subhadip Bhowmik Regional Manager, K7 Computing. Subhadip, RM East, K7 Computing said, "Today Security Softwares i.e Antivirus softwares is playing an important role IT Channels segments. It contributes to their bottom line heavily and also they can earn good numbers of Gifts articles, schemes and backend with the sales of Antivirus softwares. K7 emerge as one of the leading players in the security softwares segments. In east India only we are selling to more than 2500 partners and 20000 box month on month and played a major role in the business of K7 Computing in the country which is an exception to other Companies where East India’s share of business is very less compare to other parts of the countries”. According to Mr. Keseven, MD and CEO, K7 Computing “The online world is changing at a very fast pace. While the change has blessed us with a lot of good things, an equal amount of evil lurks around too. Hackers take multiple forms, have different names, but operate with the sole' objective of terrorizing the virtual life of millions of people. To combat these form of threats, we need more than just antivirus software. We need a specialized army that can fight them and guard you round the clock; that is exactly what we at K7 pledge to do, with the toughest Online Defense System. Our packaging has been redesigned to reflect what we are and our communication will speak the language of the military. To stay true to this Vision we, have strengthened our gamut of products, introduced new intelligent enterprise defense solutions, and have made them more lethal than any other security product in the market. To strengthen the relationship we share with all our resellers and to appreciate their efforts put forward in taking our world class products delivered to the last mile, we come out with schemes and offers q-o-q, and Big Fish is one such scheme. We were extremely happy with the outcome of the scheme and this event has definitely helped us to take a step ahead in terms of meeting the expectations of our beloved partners."