SafeNet Enters the Virtual Security Market with Protect V

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

As more data is moving to private or public clouds, the number of users with access to an organization’s data multiplies. The risk of VMs being copied without the owner knowing increases, the possibility of temporary file trails rises, and the organization’s data is more vulnerable to being compromised.  To address the data security issues, SafeNet is acting as a global leader in data protection introduces ProtectV, an encryption solution that has achieved VMware Ready status.
ProtectV enables virtual machines and storage volumes to be as secure. Customers can reap the full benefits of agility and cost savings by turning their datacenter or cloud into a trusted environment with data governance, control and security.

SafeNet ProtectV is compatible with VMware vShield and VMware vCenter. In addition, SafeNet ProtectV can be used by Amazon Web Services customers to secure their critical data in the cloud.

Mike Rothman of Securosis briefed that the flexibility and abstraction of the cloud means many privileged users can create new virtual instances or copies of virtual environments outside of the management console. They can also change access keys, add access or entitlements, or change permissions. This means that organizations don’t have the same level of control over network access and it’s easier for new virtual servers to be created out of thin air, significantly increasing the risk of data exposure.

Product Features:

Complete VM Security and Data Isolation:

Protection from Rogue Admins:

Enforced Compliance:

Data Governance and Visibility

Cross-Platform Key Management