Zebronics Introduces Powerful Tower Speakers

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

ZEBRONICS' unveiled their latest series of speakers systems - the long-awaited, imposing sized Monster Tower speakers. Adding to one of the industry’s widest range of speakers and sound accessories, the Zebronics Monster Tower lineup comprises three models delivering up to 100W RMS of sound in a unique ‘tower-style’ form-factor that dominates the room.


The Zebronics Sound & Entertainment Showcase, the Company’s showing of their comprehensive line-up of digital media players, audio speakers and entertainment systems, was the venue for the introduction of the Monster Tower speaker systems.  At the show were digital media players and sound speakers for every one - from children to students and young professionals, family homes to folk artists, suitable for users as diverse as gaming enthusiasts, audiophiles and casual listeners.  There were more than 40 products, the largest array of options in media players, 2.0 and 2.1 bookshelf style speakers, 5.1 high-quality audio systems, gaming sets and others - ranging in prices from as low as Rs. 99 to Rs 9999. With the focus on on value-conscious buyers, Zebronics digital sound systems engineered on the principle of good quality for great prices, providing elegant design and unique aesthetics even at value prices - clearly differentiating them from generic low-budget products.

The flagship product of the Zebronics Sound Systems range and the latest addition to its line-up - the Monster Tower speakers provide the ultimate listening experience. With full wooden enclosures and a high-gloss piano black front panel, lending them an elegant look, these speakers are designed keeping in mind music lovers and audiophiles with their need for high quality sound, functionality and design. The three variants in the Tower line incorporate dual 8-inch drivers for low range, 4-inch drivers for mid range and 1-inch cloth dome tweeters for higher frequency for room filling sound. The drivers’ inherent stiffness, low mass and self-damping properties allow them to deliver clean, accurate sound. Side volume controls, woofers, front ports with LED display all come in superior chrome finish.

The Monster Towers have slots on the sides to play music directly from a USB device or SD/MMC cards, as well as built-in FM radio receiver. In addition, the Tower speakers also support karaoke with two Microphone inputs, and are equipped with a full function remote controller. The three options available are ZEB-T9500RUCF, ZEB-T8500RUCF and ZEB-T7500RUCF. The accessory cables provided enable users to connect their digital devices such as phones or media players through auxiliary input or use them to complement the sound system of a large-screen TV.

“We have truly created something different with this Tower Speaker system that is amazingly powerful, delivering incredible audio quality at extremely affordable price point,” said Rajesh Doshi, Purchase & Marketing Director of Top Notch Infotronix. “The sound that comes out of this system is simply wonderful.” Providing amazing sound the Monster Tower excels both in design and sound quality at a value unmatched in this category.

Outlining the Company’s strategy to further broadbase their product offerings in the entertainment segment, Doshi added, “Our next focus is going to be in the entertainment arena.  In the last two years we have seen that the demand for sound systems has grown tremendously.  And most of it is now digital music.  With the spread of cell phones in the small towns and villages, users in even smaller cities are enjoying their music digitally. Besides, children constitute a substantial section of our consumers. We plan to cover all sub-segments and user categories in the entertainment and sound marketspace, with products that appeal to every pocket.”