Watch out! Nokia could report another quarterly loss

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Lack of innovative apps, bad user experience and lackluster product presentation are leading the Finnish handset maker Nokia towards dark future. According to a latest chunk of information, the Finnish giant is expected to report another quarterly loss and dwindling cash reserves.

Analysts believe that the third quarter for the Finnish handset maker would be weak because of heavy drop in sales of its Lumia handsets.

It is worth noticing that nowadays Nokia is struggling hard to prove its stake in the smartphone market dominated mainly by Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy range smartphones. Nokia has been a bellwether of smartphone industry since 1998, but after reaching its global goal of 40 percent market share in 2008, the company started losing overall market share.

Domestic brands like Micromax, SICT, Lava etc. are cheaper and therefore taking the limelight away from low-end handset segment. In features-phone category, big brands like Apple and Samsung are dominating the scene.