TAIT Elects its New Leader

Thursday, 18 October 2012

The aim of new TAIT Director is to expand its footprint both nationally and internationally

Western India’s most active association TAIT (Trade Association of Information Technology) has chosen its new Director-Vikram Mehta for the coming three years. He has been very much instrumental as a TAIT member in terms of the welfare of the IT Partner community of Mumbai. He has been elected as the TAIT Director for three years on 28th September 2012. He has won the election with a majority of 65 per cent votes.

TAIT Elects its New Leader

The newly elected Director has also set his aims for the following years. Few of his major aims are reduction of frauds by effective coordination of TAIT members and creation of a central database. Another important objective of the Director is to influence Government and other agencies for the benefit of the association. TAIT will conduct small meetings both locally and across Maharashtra so as to increase its member base. It will also try to bring the small IT associations of Maharashtra under TAIT. Furthermore the association will act as a body that will suggest guidelines to the Maharashtra government in the FDI issue for the welfare of the Channels.

On winning the election, Vikram Mehta, Director TAIT conveys a message to his team members, “If you can see the invisible then you can do the impossible. I require my member’s eyes and to make it possible I require your support. I understand that all the members are working hard to make TAIT a strong association.” On asked about he feels after the election he commented, “I am not feeling anything special as I was doing all these work for the association previously also. It is my commitment to TAIT and its members to work hard along with dedication and determination so to achieve all the goals that I have set as a Director of TAIT”.

Major Aims:

•    Lobbying and coordinating with Government and various agencies for the benefit of TAIT members

•    Increase member interaction by active organisation and participation in various events, social gathering and CSR Activities

•    Fraud reduction by effective coordination among TAIT members and creation of a central database

•    Expansion of TAIT footprint beyond Mumbai on a national level, by coordination with various regional associations